Sacred Activism at XR London

It has been a powerful, moving, humbling and inspiring experience, this week, to be a part of the sacred drumming prayer ceremonies that have been held at Marble Arch, in the centre of the Extinction Rebellion protest, and supporting the XRebels in their action.

I strongly believe our work as spirit workers includes joining those in the efforts to protect our Mother Earth and hold these sacred space to connect with and involve and speak to and listen to the spirits, and open this space for people to ground, and maintain their connection with the sacred and their purpose for being there.  

As I have a strong following online, I was pleased to use that to mobilise large groups of us to gather and drum and I am so grateful to all those who shared the message out to your drumming communities to get us together.

We gathered first of all, on Easter Sunday, in large numbers and raised a huge amount of energy, sending strength to all those in the movement and shared our prayers for climate justice and the protection Mother Earth. We gathered again, on Wednesday to hold a further prayer drumming circle to honour the spirits that have held this protest, and to send that loving message out widely to create the change that is needed. Others, joined the front lines at Waterloo Bridge to sing to and honour the waters, and the road blocks at Marble Arch to support those getting arrested for this cause.

Throughout this, I remember and honour those who have camped out for days, some on tarmac roads, some in trees, to maintain this action in London. Those who have been prepared to be arrested and who have been arrested, with all the personal stress and mental strain that that takes.

Further still, I remember that others have been on the front lines of this for many years, around the world, where rights to protest are not respected as they are here. Many earth activists around the world have been killed fighting for their cause, and they should all be honoured and remembered as part of this fight.

We are in a privileged position where we are safe to protest, and should be proud that we use that power to create change and join the fight that people around the world have been fighting for a long time. I honour all the earth protectors, these true peaceful warriors, fighting for our Mother Earth and our future.

There has long been a discussion about the place for sacred activism, and I truly believe we have our place with this cause. Let us come together in our communities to hold ceremonies to honour the land in our area, and join with our local XR communities to see what we can bring to the actions that are taking place.