Jonathan facilitates earth-centred spiritual workshops and retreats in the UK.

He has been dedicated to his spiritual path since 2006 and gives his time to working with his connection to spirit, facilitating healing and balance, and sharing his experience with others in groups, workshops and retreats. He brings years of practice and experience in healing and shamanic practice to empower and guide others to find balance and wellbeing.

I am known mostly for the Shamanic Drums that I make and the Drum Birthing workshops that I have held up and down the country as Heron Drums, however, I have also been holding spaces for years to share other work connecting people with the land, with the wheel of the year and with themselves through ceremony and shamanic practice. I have also been involved in different forms of sacred menswork for many years, and continue to participate in men’s groups and hold workshops and retreats to provide sacred spaces for men. I plan to be talking about all of these things on this page.

My spiritual practice has largely been centered around contemporary shamanic practices, influenced by traditional shamanism from the Ecuadorian Amazon, modern druidry, and from the slight glimpses into ancient British and European practices that we have from archaeology and surviving folklore.

Alongside all of this, I have studied and taught Psychology and trained in Psychotherapy, and am aware that this has been within the backbone of a lot of my thinking and understanding with regard my spirituality, as I believe many of the theorists have been looking to answer the same spiritual questions as I have been looking for in shamanism and other mystical traditions.

The main aim of this page is to give a space for the many things that I do and am involved in and the workshops and retreats that I share.